Press release for our debut album

*** STARTS | Everyone unilaterally concurs: Dancing with Ruby are a band that create music.

So how do you define the sound of an artist or band. By their instruments, their influences, what they wear, how old they are? Maybe all of these things.

In the case of Dancing with Ruby, their instruments are the voice, electronic and virtual, their influences are diverse, and their age range spans 15 years.

So how do they sound? You hear them and think, ‘This is Goldfrapp without the synthesizers.’ But then think ‘No, that’s not right there are loads of synthesizers on this, I’m a goddamn idiot’ You skip a few tracks waiting to hear something to compare them to. Fad Gadget, Vampire Weekend, Jann Hammer, the last half of Felt Mountain and the first few chapters of Under the Skin by Michel Faber. By the album's fifth track, there is nothing left in your life; everything is gone, scattered over an audible plateau, you think about trying to escape.

Welcome to ‘In the Interest of Beasts’ by Dancing with Ruby.

The songs were written over a seven month period between June 2014 and January 2015, with stolen moments and borrowed time in between normal life. Dancing with Ruby singer Charlotte Sanderson says ‘The songs come from my heart, from dreams and fears and fantasies and realities. We live in these crazy times today, so advanced and beautiful and evolved, but at the same time so cruel and frightening. It has been a joy to write again, to find the rise and fall of words and sounds, to rediscover my voice. It has been five years since I last wrote any music and this is the first collection of songs that I have worked on with an honesty and consideration that I have not ever had the courage to muster before. Matt is a joy to work with, he is not obsessed with 'being cool', he is not interested in only making one type of song or sound, he is very freeing and non judgemental. I hope that the album is the same, I hope that in this crazy, cruel, beautiful world we live in today, our music can appeal to those of you out there who are looking for that space, where you can be yourself, tell your tale and dance.’

Matt Culpin, the other half of Dancing with Ruby recorded his first ‘bedroom album’ at the age of 16 on a 4-track portastudio, he sold it on C-15 computer cassettes to his peers at art college. ‘It was my take on the Some Bizarre album, although with all the songs written by me, it kinda defined who I am.’ Matt goes on to say ‘Working with Charlie has been great, the ideas have flowed in both directions which made the process very satisfying. It's the most consistent album I’ve been involved with, I’m not sure if it’s because it’s been written in a relatively short period of time or that we’ve not been afraid to disregard tracks that I’d have normally championed to stay in. Either way I'm really pleased with the songs and also how it sounds.’

This music doesn’t directly threaten the status quo, but it certainly makes Status Quo nervous. It’s not on par with hearing Goldfrapp in the autumn of 2000, but it’s probably like hearing Goldfrapp in the spring of 2003. Can Dancing with Ruby become the new Carpenters? Sure, maybe. But maybe not. There might be too much at stake (and too many people in the way), plus they like their food. | ***ENDS